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A Hint

“A Hint” addresses the existence of God. Humbly admitting that no scientific proof for God is possible, it invites viewers to question whether they consider their own lives as random or gifted with a larger purpose. Connecting the genealogy of Matthew’s gospel to modern images and experiences, the video attempts to reveal hints of a guiding power in our world and leads the viewer to name that power “God.” 

Discussion Questions

  1.  What events do I know in my own family history which have shaped my life? As I reflect on them, do they suggest that God has guided my lineage? Why?
  2. What qualities, talents, or interests in my life give me satisfaction and joy? Does it make more sense for me to consider them random characteristics or hints of God’s presence? Why?
  3. In a moment of beauty or in a personal relationship have I ever experienced a graciousness which I would call spiritual? Do I consider it fitting to understand that graciousness as God’s action? Why?
  4. Does it surprise me to discover that Jesus’ own lineage was marked by improbability and scandal? Does this realization change my perception of Jesus? How?