St. Gall Catholic Community

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From Fr. Dan's Desk -- 8/10/2018

Dear Members of St. Gall’s Parish,

FrDanDeskFor many years I have enjoyed writing a weekly “letter” for the parish bulletin. This has not happened until now because of all that has to do with moving in and trying to unpack and do pastoral ministry at the same time. But I am almost here a month now, so perhaps it is a good time to start. First, I am not unpacked, but nearly there. Thank God for the rummage sale as I brought far too many household goods, etc., with me. As I opened my boxes, some untouched since I left here ten years ago, I have been sending truck loads of goods to the rummage sale, and more happy each time a box exits my home. It can be so stupid carrying stuff around for years, and not putting them to use. It is like that character (in Hell) in Dante’s inferno, where he is condemned for eternity to carry a large rock on his back up a steep hill, only to have it slip up and fall back down, so he has to begin again.  Speaking of the rummage sale, apart from the great income it brings to the parish, what is most impressive to me are the huge numbers of volunteers, picking up, unpacking, cleaning and rearranging, all of these weeks, especially in this present heat. I value very much your commitment to St. Gall’s. This is certainly an active parish and people do like to get involved. Even when I come to celebrate Mass, everything is set up for me. I find the music at Mass of very high quality. In my last assignment we were not great when it came to music, but that was alright too. Thank you also for your very nice welcoming receptions recently following the weekend Masses. Your spirit of hospitality is very palpable. Thank you also for listening to me when I asked that our church, before Mass, should be quiet and peaceful, so that we can prayerfully prepare to meet the Lord in the liturgy. I hope you took my suggested in the way in which it was intended, and not as a form of “control.” I am most happy to have been assigned here to be your pastor, and I hope to get to know all of you as quickly as possible (though I am a terror for remembering names!). Paddy is also very happy here, and is in love with the staff who ply him with treats each day. 

God bless, Fr. Dan