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Resolution of the Diocese of Reno Review Board

Whereas the Grand Jury Report investigating clergy sex abuse of minors in six dioceses in Pennsylvania has been released and concludes that clergy had been credibly accused of sexually abusing child victims, and that church authorities mishandled those incidents; and,

Whereas this report is painful for all to read and describes the terrible devastation of sexual abuse by church ministers; and,

Whereas the Bishop of Reno is impelled to review our commitment as a diocese to safeguard all minors and vulnerable adults; and,

Whereas the Diocese of Reno has in place protocols and procedures for reporting abuse to law enforcement, including background checks for any adults working or volunteering with youth, ongoing training in awareness and prevention of abuse for adults and children, and policies to ensure appropriate interactions with youth and adults in all programs; and,

Whereas the Bishop of Reno has asked the Diocesan Review Board to conduct a full review of all protocols, practices and policies of the Diocese to determine how effectively the current protocols, practices, and policies are being implemented and followed, to ensure and improve the Diocesan commitment to children and vulnerable adults; and,

Whereas, the Diocesan Review Board has been asked by the Bishop to review the mechanisms of accountability for anyone who holds a position of authority and responsibility within the Diocese of Reno.

Therefore it is resolved by the Diocesan Review Board, by unanimous vote at its Board Meeting on August 29, 2018, to conduct a full review as requested by the Bishop. This review will commence immediately, and a written and published report will be made when the Board completes the review.

Rota Rosaschi, Chair
Diocesan Review Board of Reno