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Women's Society


Have you ever wondered what St. Gall Women’s Society does for St. Gall Church?


We have a Constitution and By-Laws which govern what we do for St. Gall.  We have a board which consists of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Spiritual Director and Past President. 
All ladies who are members of St. Gall Church are eligible to become members of St. Gall Women’s Society. We have had questions asking if we are “just a social club”.  We are so much more
than that!



We meet monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM from September to May. We are on hiatus and do not meet in June, July and August. Our meetings consist of a speaker
several months and a business meeting. Some months we may have just a religious fun time in place of a speaker. We offer Breakfast with Santa every year for the children and any members
of St. Gall who wish to attend for a pancake breakfast. We also have a yearly fundraiser and last year we also put together a cookbook which brought in more money for use toward our
responsibilities to St. Gall Church.


The money we raise from our fundraisers is used to purchase: Communion wafers, Communion wine, song books, Missals, candles, cleaning of priest’s vestments and weekly Altar flowers.
We also provide items as needed such as special purchases when requested by the Pastor.



The Women's Society offers an opportunity for all women to enrich their lives spiritually by participation in all religious experiences; socially by nurturing old friendships
and developing new ones; culturally by providing a variety of programs at the regular meetings; through stewardship by supporting parish programs
and conducting fund raising activities.

For more information, contact Marie Schnock (775) 781-5122.


Please visit our website, to find out even more information about Saint Gall Women's Society

St. Gall Women Society Officers for 2013-2014
Marie Schnock - President, Kathy Slavin - Vice President,  Janet Silvestro - Secretary,  Arlene Gleich - Treasurer and Pat Cardinal - Parliamentarian

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Women's Society


Saint Gall Catholic Church

1343 Centerville Lane
Gardnerville, Nevada 89410
(775) 782-2852     Fax: (775) 782-2622

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