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ParishCAST SmallLogoSt. Gall is excited to initiate an online messaging system using ParishCAST. The system will consist of email and text messages that contain timely content about the St. Gall Community.

Registered parishioners who have provided an email address or a cell phone number will received these messages by default.  If your registration does not include your email address or cell number and if you want to receive ParishCAST messages from St. Gall, click on the "Opt In" link below.


If you do not want to receive messages like these, click on the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any ParishCAST message. If you have comments or suggestions about how we use this system, click on the "Comments and Suggestions" link below.

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Recurso natural de planificación familiar

NFP Xmas Bulletin 2021 SpanishSomos Mark y Gail Struble, y enseñamos y promovemos la planificación familiar natural a través de la Liga de Pareja a Pareja en las Diócesis de Nevada y California.

La misión de la Liga de Pareja a Pareja es "inspirar, educar y apoyar a las parejas en la planificación familiar que es natural, efectiva, saludable y consistente con el plan de Dios para la vida, el amor y el matrimonio". Esta información es invaluable para las parejas casadas o que pronto se casarán, las parejas que intentan concebir o que han dado a luz recientemente, así como para las mujeres premenopáusicas. Las clases en línea y en vivo a su propio ritmo en inglés y español están disponibles a través de Couple to Couple League.

Mark y Gail Struble
(775) 722-5626

Hospitality Weekend

HospitalitySundayThe St. Gall Welcome Committee is hosting a Hospitality Weekend for January 15th and 16th.  Please plan to stop by after Mass on January 15 or 16 for light refreshments, to visit with other parishioners, and to meet new ones.  This is a great time to invite someone back who hasn't returned to worship with us.

Natural Family Planning Resource

NFP Xmas Bulletin 2021 EnglishWe are Mark and Gail Struble, and we teach and promote Natural Family Planning through the Couple to Couple League in Nevada and California Dioceses.

The Couple to Couple League’s mission is “to inspire, educate and support couples in family planning that is natural, effective, healthy and consistent with God’s plan for life, love and marriage.” This information is invaluable for married or soon to be married couples, couples trying to conceive or who have recently given birth, as well as premenopausal women. English and Spanish self-paced online and live online classes are available through the Couple to Couple League.


Mark and Gail Struble
(775) 722-5626

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