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A Note From Fr. Paul

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It has taken a few weeks for my new reality to settle in. I have taken some time to travel; visiting two Missionaries of the Poor Missions in India as well as the Taj Mahal, a quick visit to the Leper Colony on Molokai’s Island and a few days camping up in the Sierras. In this time, I have been able to rest, sit still, reflect and begin to process my leave-taking from St. Gall; my home for these past thirteen years! I will miss you all and the busy-ness of parish life and I will miss the various groups and activities of a lively and vibrant parish family. I will miss collaborating with such a talented, dedicated, and fun staff. I will miss my own family & friends, and living in rural Nevada!

I have been both strengthened and challenged by your faith and the daily life struggles you have shared with me over these years. I believe I have served the parish well and I know that I have received much more than I have given. I like to think that we have become better disciples because of our walk together. I know that at times I appeared too shy for such a public role and at times I was a bit stubborn in my ideals. I do not apologize for who God made me to be. If I offended or hurt anybody, please forgive me. I leave with a heavy heart but with great hope for serving God in a new way.

I know that Fr. Dan & Fr. Chris will continue the pattern of committed pastoral care, sacramental ministry, and outreach that has made St. Gall such a beacon of God’s love for so many years. I trust that the Body of Christ will continue to feed the building of God’s Kingdom in the Carson Valley. Above all, don’t forget to always take care of one another. We all know the mandate of Holy Thursday, when Christ told his disciples, “…follow the example I have given you… love one another as I have loved you.”

I move on now to a time of deep listening and I ask for your prayers. I have arrived in Kingston and now I begin a period of discernment, not unlike the discernment, nearly thirty years ago, which led me to priesthood. I am living in the Novitiate with those who are also just beginning their journey of religious life and I am the SENIOR of the house by at least 10 years!  I am adjusting to early morning Mass and long days of prayer & work with the many crippled children of Bethlehem House. And yes, it’s true; I find a cold shower, in this climate, a blessing from God rather than a sacrifice! I will hold the St. Gall family in my prayers, even as I ask God to direct my new journey. Some have asked about communicating or sending “care packages” to me. I will keep Rocky updated about my whereabouts, however communication will be very limited and sending anything directly to me is impossible. Please show your love by supporting the St. Gall M.O.P. Mission Trip and watch the St. Gall bulletin for a list of items that the Brothers in Jamaica need. God willing, the January Kingston Mission Trip and a summer Mission Trip will continue as St. Gall increases involvement in international outreach to the truly dispossessed. And, finally for those who are still dubious or simply uninformed about what or who M.O.P is, I challenge you to go to the website or speak to any one of the previous Mission Trip participants about their experience in Haiti or Jamaica.

PEACE !  Fr. Paul

¡La realidad de salir de San Gall finalmente ha llegado! Tomé un rato para viajar; visité dos misiones la primera fue a los misioneros de los pobres en la India. La otra visita fue a la colonia de los leprosos en la isla de Molokai y unos días acampando en las montañas de Nevada. Este tiempo me permitió para reflexionar de los trece años sirviendo a la comunidad de San Gall y cuanto voy a extrañar a mi ministerio y a todos Uds. Tanto, como mi familia en Sparks y otro tanto que disfrute viviendo en Nevada, ¡extrañare mucho!

En la manera que muchos de Uds. han compartido su fe conmigo, me ha ayudado tanto en estos años. Pienso que he servido bien a la comunidad y yo sé que recibí mucho más. Creo que todos nosotros hemos llegado a ser mejores discípulos por el camino que hemos hecho juntos. En ciertos momentos, algunos me encontraron muy tímido y un poco terco con mis ideas. Si, he ofendido a alguien, por favor, perdóname. Salgo de San Gall con lágrimas en mis ojos, pero con una gran esperanza que servirá a Dios en una manera nueva.

Paso ahora a un periodo de mucha meditación y pido sus oraciones. Este tiempo de discernimiento es muy semejante al tiempo, casi treinta años atrás cuando empecé un discernimiento hacía el sacerdocio.  Rezo por la familia de San Gall mientras escucho la voz de Dios para mi jornada. Algunos quieren comunicarse conmigo en Jamaica, no será posible.  Rocky va a tener un email mío.  Pero correo, no se acepta en el monasterio. Pueden apoyar a los hermanos M.O.P. colaborando con Padre Chris en su misión, (viaje misionero anual.)  Si quieren más informes acerca de quién y que hacen los hermanos visita: www:  Que Dios los bendiga.