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For those who prefer a more formal, guided approach, we offer this online tour of our upgraded website.

Homilies and Videos

This feature provides an archive of media items such as recorded homilies and videos.  Notice that you can filter and sort the list to help you find what you're looking for.  Also notice, because this is a podcast, you can add this to your favorite podcast app and enable automatic notifications when new items get added. 

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Enabled User Comments

Many pages on our upgraded website have user comments enabled.  User comments are available on St. Gall Blog pages, Homilies and Videos, and certain other items.  Notice, all comments must first be approved by members of our website team before they appear in the comments list.

The St. Gall Blog

Blog posts are focused topics from content experts, parish staff, ministry heads, or any concerned parishioner.  All blogs have user comments enabled at the end of the post so visitors can add their thoughts about the blog and initiate discussions about the topic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about our faith community or about Catholicism in general, our Q and A page is the place to go.  After you post your question, the website staff will find an answer and post it as soon as we can.

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Member Area

The Member Area is a restricted part of our website reserved for St. Gall parishioners only.  Because access to this area is restricted, you need to register and be approved by our website team.  Notice, if privacy is a concern, the system lets you hide your name, email, and phone number in all member area listings.

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Discussion Forums

These forums let you communicate and connect with fellow parishioners on a variety of topics.  Discussion forums are available only for those who belong to the member area.

Automatic Email Notifications

Area members can sign up for weekly email notifications that include things like new additions to this website, new blog posts, and upcoming parish events.  These notifications are optional and can be turned off at any time.  Automatic notifications are available only for those who belong to the member area.


Registered members of the member area can form other members into groups such as the Liturgy Committee, the Knights of Columbus, the Pastoral Council, or your Small Christian Community.  Groups can be private so only authorized members can access the group.  A group enables handy communication with group members by text or email, includes a private calendar for displaying group events, and group bulletins which can be posted on the group page and distributed to group members.   Groups are available only for those who belong to the member area.

The screen capture to the right shows what a private group for the Lord's Lanterns Small Church Community looks like.


We invite you to use this comment section to add your suggestions and ideas.

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