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Baptismal Preparation

Teacher: Deacon David O'Connor - English

Parents must be active Catholics and registered in the Parish for a minimum of four months before the Baptism date.

Parents must first attend the pre-baptismal class that is given on the second Tuesday of each month.

Notice, for the pre-baptismal class, you must first pre-register by contacting the parish office at (775) 782-2852. And you must call the parish if you cannot attend to cancel.

las reservas son imprescindibles para clases de bautismo de español: y deben llamar para cancelar si incapaz de atender

You may have one or two godparents. At least one of the Godparents must be a practicing Catholic, baptized and confirmed.

The Godparents must participate in the pre-baptismal class or should have a letter from their parish, stating that they have attended the pre-baptismal class and that they are practicing Catholics, if they do not belong to our parish.

In order to baptize a baby whose parents belong to another parish, we need written permission from their parish priest.

The suggested donation to Saint Gall is $50, paid prior to the baptism. No one will be denied the Sacrament because of financial difficulties.