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The Member Area is a restricted part of our website reserved for St. Gall parishioners only.  Because access to this area is restricted, you need to register and be approved by our website team.  To register, click the button on the right and then navigate to the registration area.  Registration requires that you enter your name and email address.  Notice, if privacy is a concern, the system lets you hide your email and phone number in member area listings.

This Member Area includes the following useful features:

  • Discussion Forums
    These forums let you communicate and connect with fellow parishioners on a variety of topics.
  • Notifications
    Area members can sign up for weekly email notifications that include new additions to this website and upcoming parish events.  These notifications are optional and can be turned off at any time.
  • Groups
    You can form registered members into groups such as the Liturgy Committee, the Pastoral Council, or your Small Christian Community.  Groups can be private so only authorized members can access the group.  A group enables handy communication with group members by text or email, includes a private calendar for displaying group events, and group bulletins which can be posted on the group page and distributed to group members.