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Seventh Sunday on Ordinary Time

Delivered By
Fr. Bill Nadeau
Delivered On
February 19, 2023
Presidents Day Jeopardy Quiz and Loving Your Enemy

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02-21-2023 at 11:26 AM
John Derrig
I agree with Mary-Ellen about praying for an ability to forgive and forget. Also, I can only love my enemies with God's help. I pray for an increase in faith and trust.

Finally, I am consistently impressed when I watch how kindly and patiently Fr. Bill is while gently reminding Fr. Bob where in the book to start reading.
02-20-2023 at 4:51 PM
Mary-Ellen O’Neill
A wonderful teaching. Not an easy one to do tho. We are I a society that the only way to treat our enemies is to hate. That is why our nation and world is in the mess it is. I pray each day that I can do as our Lord Jesus Christ asks us to do, love your enemies. Pray for them and have the ability to forgive and forget. What a peaceful world and nation we would have if we did. It can and will start with me. In learning to forgive myself I can forgive others and so it will be AMEN!!
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