The St. Gall Vocations Committee

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Our Commission

In February 2023, at the request of the Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg, a team was formed to promote vocation awareness at St. Gall.

God is calling all of us in relationship and he calls us to serve His Church by virtue of our Baptism. Through prayer we can fully discern what is our vocational path, is it “marriage, the religious life of a Permanent Deacon, Priest or within a religious community or a dedicated life of service.”

Awareness to parishioners of St. Gall is our first goal in the mission to promote Vocations.

Do you feel called by God?

Do you feel called by God to a religious vocation? 

At this time, the St. Gall Catholic community encourages anyone being called to serve the Priesthood or Permanent Deacon to take the time to explore the Reno Diocese website and spend time with Jesus in prayer, adoration and meditation.


The Vocations Committee

 Adriana Contreras

Ana Maria Andrews

Rita Hill

Ron Sanchez

Scott Schwartz

Shelley Britanik